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We are turning the management consultancy business upside down, offering more for less. More action, less talking. More value, less cost.

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Hiring a management consultant is a hit and miss affair. Most of them are good at devising strategies for growth but few can see it through to make change happen. It’s like going to a doctor, only to be told you are ill. At Pimento Partners, we have a healthy balance of big thinkers and skilled practitioners who deliver the goods. This means that when the planning is done and dusted, we deliver the actions needed to make it happen. Uniquely, we have a partnership with more than 200 agencies and individuals who we engage on your behalf to execute practical programmes in support of the new plan.

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Our Services

We offer clients a full range of practical services designed to optimise business performance.

Business Strategy

Where do you want to be in 3 – 5 years’ time, and how are you going to get there? Too many businesses are focusing on the here and now. Short term trading needs and operational challenges need to be combined with developing and executing long term growth strategies. We work at board and leadership levels to develop and implement strategic roadmaps that provide long term value.

Business Planning

In order to achieve your strategic objectives, you need to have a robust business plan. Your strategic objectives are what you want to achieve; in your business plan you need to identify and clearly specify how you will achieve them. A great plan contains critical operational KPIs that will lead to outstanding financial outcomes.

Change Management

Assessing how internal and external stakeholders will be affected by a project, where their heads are at now and determining the most effective ways to engage them to come on the journey. We build a campaign to win “hearts and minds”, often using different media and tactics for different audiences at different times. The change sticks when people are bought into why it’s a good thing.

Revenue Management

Selling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price can generate significant increases in revenue and profit. We dive deep into your data to understand how your customers behave and to develop insights that underpin growth strategies relating to customer acquisition, retention, product development and pricing.

Human Resources

Transformational change often requires new capabilities in an organisation, and getting the design right at the outset is key. We work to assess the new capabilities required, map them against existing ones, and build recommendations to introduce the capabilities the organisation needs.


All businesses are underpinned by technology, understanding your tech stack and auditing the performance of your current approach can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and value creation. Whether it’s the latest thinking in AI or a relook at your CRM, Marketing Automation, Internal Communication Tools or Platform development we have the experts to support you.


In a world with vast quantities of data, how can you focus on what matter’s and ignore what doesn’t? Competitive advantage is about being able to spot trends, and address potential opportunities (or risks) before they arise. We work to understand the sources of internal and external data and provide you and your teams with either a one off or ongoing summary of opportunities.


Businesses talk about putting the customer at the heart of their organisations but few do. Modern marketing is about leveraging customer insight and data to drive your strategies and communications. With over 170 agencies and practitioners within our network we can turn your business strategy into a marketing plan and support you throughout the delivery.

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Our methodology


We begin by unearthing the truths of your business, carefully and objectively, by asking the difficult questions and extracting the most candid answers we can. In a short time, we want to understand: What are the ambitions of the stakeholders and leaders? What keeps you awake at night? Where are the opportunities for growth? What are the barriers to success?


The next step is to validate the hypotheses presented by the end of the Discover phase. This is a ‘warts and all’ impact analysis - no second guessing, no false promises.


With the strategy set and validated, it’s time to make things happen. In this phase we extend our relationships throughout your organisation, involving the teams and leaders who build the solutions. And we don’t shy away from the difficult conversations either – better to have them now and move on as a united force.


The fourth and final phase is to deliver against the plan. This demands meticulous preparation, a broad range of specialist skills, considerable resilience, and a healthy dose of optimism.

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