Disrupting the market

Pimento Partners was set up to disrupt the market. Too many are left in the lurch with a load of good advice and no idea how to act on it. To add to the malaise surrounding consultants, there is a real concern about the kind of expertise they offer. As Richard Branson once said: “I’m always startled to hear about young people going into consulting right after school, without having a lot of real-world work experience under their belt.”

No corporation

To address these concerns, we’ve built a business with no corporation, no offices and no profiteering. Our consultants work for themselves as individuals or small teams. This means every penny the client spend goes to pay for the work they do rather than the infrastructure that supports them. All our team have run their own businesses and know what it is like first-hand to enjoy success and in some cases, face off failure.

Highs and lows

One common misconception is that you must be big and broken to hire a management consultant. Not true. We’ve worked with small businesses and many are hugely successful. It’s about getting advice on business challenges whether they are negative or positive. Hiring is as hard as firing. Growing presents as many challenges as shrinking.

Collective experience
Senior partners
Completed Projects

Our senior team

Our partners are all highly skilled in their field with many years of experience in business leadership and consultancy.

Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight is a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer with over 30 years’ experience. He has worked for Fortune Top 500 and FTSE Top 100 companies including The Walt Disney Company and SSE PLC. A former advertising agency executive, Stephen founded the World’s first virtual full-service marketing agency Pimento which now has a global network of nearly 200 agencies and consultants. He has served on various boards and holds several NED positions.

Andy Poulter

Andy Poulter has been delivering transformational change programmes for global blue-chip companies for over 15 years. His expertise spans strategy development, strategic planning, programme and change management; skills developed in various retail, hospitality, travel, automotive and utility businesses. He has successfully designed, mobilised and delivered complex change programmes in many global markets.

Brett Norton

Brett has 20 years of experience in commercial strategy and marketing both client and agency side. A true Commercial Management professional – Brett has successfully implemented commercial strategies and concepts into all areas of the Hospitality, Leisure and Travel Sectors.